Gold Shops and Every Corner

I was driving around the other day looking for lunch and I saw a sign from a barber shop that had said we buy gold. I had to write about this and talk about all the different places that are trying to cash in on this new “gold rush.” Gold is at an all time high and I can not blame any business that is trying to stay in business and make it through these difficult times. With that in mind, I would not take my gold, diamonds or platinum jewelry to a barber shop, a convenience store, a liquor store or a check cashing place and sell my gold. I would want to go to a professional jewelry store or to an actual gold buying store. Most of these businesses will stop buying gold or go out of business once the prices of gold drop. These stores entire business model is focused around buying gold. This is why I would sell my gold, sell my platinum or sell my diamonds to a trusted jeweler. Jewelry shops are going to be around for a lone time to come and they care about their reputation and want to take care of our clients every time. I am not saying that professional gold buying shops don’t take care of their clients at all. What I am really focusing on is the many companies that are jumping onto this band wagon that really don’t belong there like a barber shop or a convenience store. I just thought it was interesting to see that even more businesses getting into this area. 

We buy gold, diamonds, platinum

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we buy platinum
we buy platinum

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